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The aim of this part of a special pre-congress program to take place on Thursday – July 1, is to allow enough time for discussion of the most pressing topics of contemporary medicine and health care in Europe and beyond.

Each Workshop will start at 9:00 and will last till about 13:00 (or shorter according to the interest of the participants).

The location – either Faculty of Medicine CU, Sasinkova 2 – 4, or Slovak Medical University (SZU), Limbová 12 – 14, where the particular Workshop or Symposium is held, is given in the program below.

The programs given here may still be enriched by a few additional “last minute” contributions. Final programs of the Workshops, if different from those given here, will be available at the Congress Registration Desk.

Overall Time Schedule for a Workshop

July 1 – Thursday

09:00-10:30 Workshop
10:30-11:00 Break
11:00-13:00 Workshop

Workshops at Faculty of Medicine CU
(Lekárska fakulta UK), Sasinkova 2 – 4

W1 Primary Health Care / English

Moderators: J. Murín, J. Bulas

  • Metabolic Syndrome – The Global Threat
    J. Murín, J. Bulas (Bratislava, Slovak Republic)

  • Characterization of Primary Health Care Problems of Kaunas Population
    R. Ziuraitiene, E. Stalioraite, D. Pangonyte, J. Palubinskiene, D. Kazlauskaite (Kaunas; Lithuania)

  • Category and Duration of Diseases in Patients’ Assessments of Primary Health Care Service
    D. Kazlauskaite, D. Pangonyte, J. Palubinskiene, R. Ziuraitiene, Z. Stanioniene, E. Stankeviciene (Kaunas; Lithuania)

  • Doctors, Alcoholism, and Alcoholic Doctors
    Palubinskiene, M. Palubinskas (Kaunas; Lithuania)

  • Health Improvement Service in the Kiev Catholic Church
    V. Martyn, V. Zinko, M. Zhyla, M. Synenka (Lviv; Ukraine)

W 2  Ethical Aspects of Smoking / German

Moderator: E. Prat de la Riba, M. Babál

  • Tabakrauchen aus kulturethischer Sicht
    E. Prat de la Riba (Vienna, Austria)
  • Evidence of Disease Caused by Smoking Cigarettes
    F. Kummer (Vienna, Austria)

W 3  Persistent Vegetative State / French

Moderator: F. Blin

  • Persistent Vegetative State – Current Medical and Ethical Aspects
    F. Blin (Paris, France)

  • Foregoing life sustaining treatments
    S. Grosbuis (Paris, France)
  • Palliative care
    E. Mathieu-Riedel (Paris, France)

Workshops held at the Slovak Medical University
(SZU), Limbová 12 – 14

W4  Legal and Moral Issues in Gynaecology / English

Moderators: R. Pegoraro, P.-Kr. Hodzic

  • Italian Law on Assisted Procreation
    R. Pegoraro (Padova, Italy)
  • Legal Aspects of Human Assisted Reproduction: Lithuanian Case
    J. Juskevicius (Vilnius; Lithuania)
  • Medical, Legal and Moral Aspects of Sex Reassignment in Case of Transsexualism: Lithuania case
    A. Narbekovas (Vilnius, Lithuania) 
  • Fear and Hormonal Orchestration in Childbirth – the Christian Solution
    P.-Kr. Hodzic (Zagreb, Croatia)

W5  Sexual Education
/ English

Moderators: M. Čuk, A. Širinskiene

  • Rethinking Sexual Education
    M. Čuk, I. Celic, Ž. Šubaric (Zagreb; Croatia)

  • HIV Prevention through „Safer Sex“: The Effectiveness and Real Results
    A. Širinskiene (Kaunas, Lithuania)
  • The Role of Catholic Physicians in AIDS Pandemia
    R. C. Bullecer (Cebu City, Philippines)

W6  Prirodzená regulácia počatia (Natural Family Planning) / Slovensky/Česky

Moderators: K. Šipr, K. Glasová

  • Dimenzie zodpovedného rodičovstva (Dimensions of Responsible Parenthood)
    R. Balak (Trnava, Slovenská republika)
  • Billingsova metóda na Slovensku (The Billing’s Method in Slovakia)
    Z. Lauková, P. Lauko  (Poprad, Slovenská republika)
  • Ako funguje prirodzená regulácia počatia v porovnaní s inými metódami (How does Natural Family Planning Perform in Comparison to Other Methods)
    K. Šipr, H. Šiprová (Brno, Česká republika)
  • Ľudský rod je ohrozený už od počatia (The Human Race in Threatened from the Conception)
    P. Kotouček, M. Kotoučková (Bratislava, Slovenská republika)
  • Od potratu k antikoncepcii – „Anti-life mentalita“
    J. M. Košč (Bratislava, Slovenská republika)

W 7  Stemm Cell Research and Human Cloning
/ English

Moderators: L. Kenner, C. Hutter

  • Introduction – Adult and Embryonic Human Stem Cells
    L. Kenner (Vienna, Austria)
  • Human Stemm Cell Research
    M.-L. Labat (Maisons – Alfort, France)
  • Human Cloning – View from the Lab
    C. Hutter (Vienna, Austria)
  • Therapeutic and Reproductive Cloning: Much Objectionable Procedures
    W. Eijk (Groningen, The Netherlands)

W8 Embryológia [Embryology] / Slovensky/Česky/English

Moderators: J. Foltinová, V. Pospíšilová

  • Embryology, Physics and Environment
    J. Foltinová, V. Foltin, M. Morvová  (Bratislava, Slovenská republika)
  • Knowledge of Embryology as a Key for Education in Bioethics
    J. Kočová, V. Pospíšilová, Z. Tonar, J. Slípka (Plzeň, Česká republika; Bratislava, Slovenská republika)
  • Staging of Human Embryos and Fetuses Related to Development of Urinary System
    J. Kočová, Z. Tonar, V. Pospíšilová (Plzeň, Česká republika; Bratislava, Slovenská republika)

Note. Due to the request of participants W8 will take place after W7 (at the same hall or next-door’).

W9  Teaching of Medical Ethics
/ English

Moderator: M. Mojzešová

  • How to Teach Medical Ethics?
    Ž. Znidarčič (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Teaching of Medical Ethics at the Faculty of Medicine of the Comenius University in Bratislava
    M. Mojzešová, V. Ozorovský (Bratislava, Slovak Republic)
  • Teaching of Medical Ethics in Postgraduate Education Settings
    J. Glasa (Bratislava, Slovak Republic)
  • Teaching of Ethics to Helping Professions
    E. Grey (Bratislava – Trnava, Slovak Republic)

  • Medical Ethics can geet Support from Non-academic Sources
    J. Labus, M. Varga (Nový Smokovec, Košice, Slovenská republika)

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